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Connecting values. Sustainable. My long-term customers, some of whom have been with me since the beginning of my self-employment, underline this. Enclosed you will find an excerpt of companies with whom I have had the pleasure of working and with whom I am currently working. Private clients are not listed by name, as I wish to comply with medical confidentiality.

It is a pleasure for me if you turn into regular customers.
Invite me to an informative meeting at your company to discuss possible cooperation steps.

House of music, Vienna

"After very good experiences in 2017, we have again booked a consultation series with Ms. Pinter as part of our health initiative in 2019 and offered it throughout the year.

All employees learned many new things and were accompanied by Ms. Pinter in a highly professional and always charming way. A special mix of general and individualized tips and suggestions made the project so successful.

The employees were able to define their personal goals, which were integrated very flexibly into the series of lectures by Ms. Pinter.

At the end of the consulting series, the employees were able to consolidate their insights and successes for a sustainable healthy and successful future in a personal one-on-one interview.

In short, a very successful cooperation, which we will gladly repeat in the coming years!"

Simon K. Posch
Geschäftsführender Direktor
Haus der Musik

House of music, vienna

The seminar of Angelika Pinter has really changed my life! Before, I always had difficulties to eat regularly, in stressful situations, I could simply ignore the feeling of hunger and I could not eat for hours. I tried for years to get out of this cycle and failed again and again. Then I was allowed to take part in this great seminar. I was immediately captivated by the warm and competent nature of Mrs. Pinter. The step-by-step program (Nutrition, Effects on the Brain, Thoughts, Movement) and the way Mrs. Pinter presented the seminar, with so much expertise, very interesting but also humorous everyday examples was so great for me that it clicked in my head already on the second day ;-)) and I could have breakfast again for the first time after several years. You get so many new tips and suggestions that you feel like integrating them into your everyday life. I can really recommend this interesting, informative and inspiring Brain Food Seminar by Mrs. Pinter to everyone. It is definitely an enrichment!

Employee at Haus der Musik, Vienna

I am always overwhelmed how professionally, very competently and with a lot of wit and charm Angelika Pinter motivates, surprises and carries me away with the complete range of nutrition, also well-founded with the latest findings of science. What I find absolutely enriching is that she deals individually with the complete body "human being" and teaches us how to strengthen our body in a pleasurable way and our mind in a sustainable way.

Doris Telfner, Assistant to the Management, House of music, Vienna

SPAR österreichische Warenhandels-AG, Feinkost, Styria & Southern Burgenland

"Ms. Pinter convinces through her applied expert knowledge and by her likeable and professional personality. Through her energetic lectures she reaches and moves her participants and clients. We enjoy working with Ms Pinter."

Kurt Resch
Gebietsleiter, Koordinator
SPAR österreichische Warenhandels-AG, Steiermark

SPAR österreichische Warenhandels-AG Wien / Nieder­­­österreich / Burgenland

"From the point of view of personnel development at SPAR, the largest private Austrian retail company, it is necessary to develop constantly. To be open for new things, to accept challenges and to break new ground in order to prolong SPAR's success!

With Angelika Pinter we have succeeded in finding an extremely committed cooperation partner who is target-group oriented and brings the topics of company health promotion, brain power nutrition and self-coaching and their importance for the job as well as for private life closer to the target group, from apprentices to our top management.

The spectrum of successful cooperation ranges from health training courses for managers lasting several days, integration of specialist training series in the SPAR Academy classes and internal courses, nutritional medical consultations and coaching of team leaders.

With her style and methodology, it can be seen that she brings with her an extremely impressive professional competence and performance as a dietician, trainer and coach. Refreshing and motivating for challenging goals, Angelika Pinter provides lasting support!

Still, it is much more important, of course, to have an constant and steep learing curve and, ideally, to be able to apply the acquired knowledge in a practical way. Due to the very positive reactions and positive feedback from our employees and consumers the cooperation with Angelika Pinter has already been more than worthwhile!

We are looking forward to a lot more 'magic moments' in the cooperation with Angelika Pinter!

Hermann Steinbatz
SPAR österreichische Warenhandels-AG

Baxalta AG, Vienna

"I have experienced Angelika Pinter as a trainer and keynote speaker, who motivates and inspires through her lively manner and who trains and presents in a convincing, competent, entertaining and captivating way."

Mag. Barbara Wagner-Buhl
HR, Head of Talent Management
Baxalta AG

Renner Institute; Carinthia

"With a lot of empathy and examples from and for practice, Angelika Pinter successfully encouraged the participants to ensure mental fitness and well-being step by step".

Mag. Harald Koller, Renner Institut, Kärnten

Takeda AG, Orth/Danube

"Angelika Pinter has accompanied me professionally and privately for years. What fascinates me about her is that she intuitively recognizes what a person needs in the current phase of his life.

Angelika also manages to keep up with the constant, rapid changes in society's needs and adapts her services accordingly. I experience her as a competent and appreciative partner in individual coaching as well as a speaker with a target group oriented and humorous approach to people".

Mag. Susanne Nikowitsch
HR, Takeda AG, Orth an der Donau

Great Lengths HaarvertriebsGmbH, Österreich

"Angelika Pinter has been a cooperation partner of Great Lengths since 2007. Her talent to speak the language of the employees, no matter if in production, sales or at management level, is the main reason for our long lasting cooperation. We are pleased to to have her not only as a holistic HR consultant, but also a sympathetic 'interpreter' who motivates us and provides us with specialist knowledge to keep state-of-the-art employee management."

Anita Lafer, MBA
Great Lengths HaarvertriebsGmbH, Österreich

Baxter AG, Wien

Why hire Angelica Pinter?
Seldom is a lecture as lively and funny, but at the same time filled with an enormous amount of expert knowledge as with her. The outcome is enormous - even if you hear her repeatedly. She helps all of us - from production employees to managers - to stay vital, cheerful, calm and of course healthy.

Mag. Heinz Peter Kainzner
Head of Unit
Takeda AG, Vienna

WienHolding GmbH, Wien

We can now look back on several years of cooperation with Angelika Pinter. Your seminars and coaching are already an integral part of our group-wide training and further education program. I particularly appreciate their commitment and enthusiasm, which can be felt in every single workshop and makes it a special experience. She succeeds in conveying every topic very clearly and with many practical examples, so that what she has learned will be remembered for longer.

Mag. Peter Krauss, Personalentwicklung, WienHolding GmbH, Wien

“Since it is beneficial to your health,
I have decided to be happy”