Brainfood Formats

Readjust, motivate or “only” inform?

Every development in the company or with a person, every sudden challenge, unexpected and expected, requires different approaches when it comes to motivation, information or targeted optimization. That is why I like to adapt all measures individually to my customers. Let us design the optimal formats for your concerns! I look forward to your invitation!



Coachings bookable from € 130.00 excluding taxes and expenses.

Seminars bookeable from € 2000.00 (daily rate) and € 1500.00 (half-day rate) excluding taxes and expenses.

Keynotes bookable from EUR 1000.00 excluding taxes and expenses.

Workshops bookable from € 1500.00 excluding taxes and expenses.



Optimize your lifestyle for your personal goals!

Less annoying moments, achieving goals more efficiently, better quality of life - in a coaching session, we define the patterns that keep you from the goal and establish new rituals to record success and satisfaction in your everyday life.

Coaching sessions open up new opportunities and approaches that will motivate you to respond curiously and make you eager to experiment towards everyday challenges. I see it as my job to post those questions that provide you with new perspectives and show alternatives.


“The real discovery is not to find new territory, but to see it with new eyes.”
For me, Marcel Proust's quote precisely describes the meaning of seminars. 

Opening up new aspects for the team, moderating new perspectives in a humorous manner at the right pace and offering them in a careful dose are the hallmarks of my seminars. I am more than happy to create tailor-made seminars for you and your team or your family. Please find attached the best-seller seminars of the past years be inspired.I look forward to your invitation to an interview!  



Request to lead yourself. Motivation to break new ground. Provocative, humorous, with a lot of female gut feeling. 

Invite me to inspire, touch or stimulate your event or your “co-entrepreneurs”, i.e. passionate employees!



Targeted tools are the focus here. The participants work out details and implementation steps themselves or under guidance in order to make progress in predefined areas. Like in a shop, I offer “Ideas for solutions” and the participants make their experiences directly on site in order to recognize which tools can be used in the future.

Enclosed you will find my three favourites:

“Since it is beneficial to your health,
I have decided to be happy”