What is brainfood?

Unique combination of personnel development & dietology!

No matter in which industry, no matter what role you are in at the moment: Mental and physical fitness are the basis for being successful not only in working environments but for your life. Brainfood strengthens these basics. 

Brainfood IS
a scientifically sound answer to the current challenges of the work environment of my clients and has been successfully tested in practice.

your self-guidance. Self-leadership means: pursuing your goals vigorously, consciously taking steps, optimizing rituals on your own responsibility - whether in the area of ​​nutrition, communication, mental strength or everyday actions. 

Brainfood FOCUSES
on areas that affect the brain. This means: Optimized nutrient supply, Targeted support of endorphin production, Strengthening the organs that affect the brain every day, Reduction in fat mass, Stabilization of muscle cells.

I am fully flexible in adapting the format of my work to any kind of circumstances of any company and or people who want to grow by applying "Brainfood for Leaders":

Train your brain!

As a dietician, systemic coach and personnel consultant, I have a very broad spectrum in supporting my clients in as many different areas as possible.

Whether nutrition, communication or internal values, everyone starts to optimize their lifestyle exactly where it makes the most sense in the current phase of life.

I look forward to supporting you in promoting your high-performing and successful lifestyle!


“Since it is beneficial to your health,
I have decided to be happy”